A campaign to grow
Our Lady’s Shrine

Our Vision

Answering Mary’s Call is a transformative capital campaign for the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Since our Pilgrim Center and Votive Chapel were dedicated in 2002, the Shrine has experienced enormous physical and spiritual growth, thanks to the prayers and generosity of the thousands of pilgrims who have journeyed here. With your continued and renewed support, we can welcome more.

“To go on pilgrimage really means to step out of ourselves in order to encounter God where he has revealed himself, where his grace has shone with particular splendor and produced rich fruits of conversion and holiness among those who believe.”

—Pope Benedict XVI

Cardinal Burke

Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke was named Bishop of La Crosse in 1995. He immediately began praying for the needs of his diocese, and that same year discussed his idea for a Marian shrine in the diocese with a small group of leaders and advisors. Divine providence led to the incredible gift of the Robert Swing Family, who gave 70 beautiful acres of land to serve as the site of the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe. In the decades since, the Shrine has become a place of prayer, refuge, and thanksgiving for pilgrims from near and far.

Funds Raised



We have reached our campaign goal, but still need your support to build our retreat center!

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Our Mission

This campaign will lay the foundation for a strong financial future by strengthening our endowment and help us begin our first phase of expansion by providing for the construction of the Saint Juan Diego Retreat House. Answering Mary’s Call will bolster our efforts to fulfill our mission to meet the spiritual needs of our Catholic brothers and sisters, and to carry out the New Evangelization.

The Impact

The Shrine

The many spiritual and financial gifts offered to Answering Mary’s Call will lift up our work and strengthen our efforts to welcome many more pilgrims and expand our outreach to the world for years to come.

Join Us


Answering Mary’s Call will not be successful without your prayers. Please remember the Shrine and this campaign in your intentions.


Volunteers are essential to the mission of the Shrine. If you are interested in assisting pilgrims from all over the world or in helping from behind the scenes and nourishing one’s own spiritual life, please consider becoming a volunteer.